jury in criminal defense trial

Mistakes: What Role Do They Place In Criminal Defense?

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Defendants in Cedar Rapids When an individual is charged with a crime, he or she must determine all of the possible defenses and explanations that exist to show a jury why the charges are incorrect. In some cases, defendants may be able to establish that the charges are entirely wrong…

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searching cell phone

Can Police Search Your Cell Phone?

Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney for the People of Cedar Rapids As our society’s technologies evolve and change, so do the ways that police can access our personal and private information. As cell phone providers and app makers increasingly track our habits, locations, and friends, cell phones have become a hotbed of personal information that can…

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juvenile wearing dark hoodie

Navigating the Iowa Juvenile Justice System

Being a criminal defendant is never easy. The Iowa criminal justice system is a finely tuned machine, with prosecutors who are able to quickly and effectively assemble cases against defendants. Many criminal defendants struggle to obtain representation and find themselves playing catch-up in a system that leaves little room for error or misunderstanding. For juvenile…

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police interrogating suspect

Be Explicit: Invoking Your Right to An Attorney

The right to have counsel is a fundamental constitutional right available to all criminal defendants and criminal suspects. While it has long been recognized in courts throughout the country, over the years the requirements for invoking your right to counsel have become more and more complex – creating new challenges for defendants. Your Miranda Rights…

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courtroom trial right to remain silent

Your Lips Are Sealed: Invoking the Right to Remain Silent

You’ve no doubt heard the words “you have the right to remain silent” on any crime drama or murder mystery TV show that you’ve watched recently. This warning, known as part of the Miranda warnings that individuals are entitled to receive under the Fifth Amendment, is ubiquitous in pop culture. But how does it actually…

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Know Your Rights When Asked To Take A Breathalyzer Exam

Being pulled over by a police officer can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience. In the moment it can be difficult to remember what your rights may be, and even more difficult to assert those rights. The best defense, however, is knowledge, and being informed is often the best way to protect yourself against the…

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criminal defense lawyer and client

If I’m Innocent, Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Being accused of a crime you didn’t commit can be nerve-wracking. Suddenly, you find yourself being interrogated by police, booked into a jail cell, or appearing before a judge, all over something someone else did. You’re innocent, but that fact hasn’t stopped the accusation from turning your life upside-down. Do I Need a Lawyer? If…

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