business owner signing document

Preparing Your Business For a 30(b)(6) Deposition

One of the challenges with commercial litigation involving big companies is that knowledge of the business, and how it operates, is often spread across many different individuals. The CFO may understand finances, while the CEO understands operations, along with many others in between. This creates difficulty for parties when conducting depositions. When you or your…

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business mediation

When to Avoid The Courtroom Through Business Mediation

When a dispute within a business or between different businesses arises, the first thought for many is to file a lawsuit and attack the problem with a “scorched earth” approach. Increasingly, however, businesses are turning to mediation as a way to resolve disputes more efficiently and amicably so that at the end of the day,…

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shareholder liability

Are You At Risk? Shareholder Liability For Corporate Debts

If you are a shareholder of a corporation or LLC, you have likely been told that you are largely shielded from liability for the actions of your corporation or company. Indeed, if shareholders thought they could be held liable for the debts of their company in the event things go sour, they’d probably be much…

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contract and pen

3 Things Everyone Should Know About Business Contracts

Contracts are an essential part of doing business throughout the United States. A contract is a formalized agreement between two parties in which each agrees to certain obligations in exchange for certain rewards or benefits. It is a form of communication, which makes sure that all sides understand what they are required to do and…

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