Confidentiality agreement

Do I Need a Protective Order in My Case?

Many times in litigation, parties to a case will have to exchange information that is sensitive, private, confidential, or even a trade secret. Although the party may not want to hand over this information for any one of these reasons, the party is often required to because the information or documents are relevant to the…

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Child Support

How Is Child Support Calculated in Iowa?

In a divorce, circumstances surrounding children often arise as the most contentious issues that parents must deal with. Aside from complicated issues of custody and visitation, non-custodial parents, and also parents who share the physical care,  must also figure out how much money they owe to the other parent in the form of child support….

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Criminal Defense Judge

What Does the Right to A Speedy Trial Really Mean?

The United States Constitution has enshrined important protections for criminal defendants in Iowa and throughout the country. These protections include the right to an attorney representative in most situations, the right to be free from unlawful search and seizure, and the right to remain silent. Criminal defendants also have the right to a speedy trial…

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husband about to hit his wife photo

How Does Domestic Violence Affect Divorce?

While there are many reasons why a couple may decide to get divorced, one of the more serious ones is the presence of domestic violence in a relationship. While we typically think of domestic violence as physical violence, in reality it can include emotional and mental distress as well. For example, domestic violence may arise…

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jury in criminal defense trial

Mistakes: What Role Do They Place In Criminal Defense?

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Defendants in Cedar Rapids When an individual is charged with a crime, he or she must determine all of the possible defenses and explanations that exist to show a jury why the charges are incorrect. In some cases, defendants may be able to establish that the charges are entirely wrong…

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divorcing couple silhouette

Expediting Divorce Through a Marital Settlement Agreement

Caring and Knowledgeable Family Law Attorney Serving Clients in Cedar Rapids Going through a divorce is never an easy process. Psychiatrists and social scientists have repeatedly documented divorce as one of the most significant traumas that an individual can experience. The emotional, social, and physical changes that come with divorce can require extensive time and…

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searching cell phone

Can Police Search Your Cell Phone?

Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney for the People of Cedar Rapids As our society’s technologies evolve and change, so do the ways that police can access our personal and private information. As cell phone providers and app makers increasingly track our habits, locations, and friends, cell phones have become a hotbed of personal information that can…

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restraining order

Seeking a Restraining Order in the Iowa Courts

Compassionate and Trusted Family Law Attorney Serving the Cedar Rapids Area Sometimes in family relationships, one party becomes concerned that their spouse, partner, or child may cause them harm – or cause harm to someone they love. A current loved one may have a history of mentally unstable behavior and outbursts, or a wife may…

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